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Buddha Darshan Travels & Tours P. Ltd. the travel and tour planner for packages….. Traditional, Cultural, Heritage, Adventure, Wildlife Safari, River Rafting, Special interest Tours, Pilgrimage, Honey Moon, and incentives, etc.

Right from the basic planning to execution, professionalized and yet most personalized services from planning itinerary as per desire, providing all practical information of your destination,  ticketing to cars and coaches, stay in hotels and receiving and sight seeing off at the airports you can rely on us and we rely on our experience.

To excel in tourism related services supported by efficient and effective planning while seeking to enlarge their scope and dimensions.

To endeavor to expand the tourism potential of Nepal and strive to excel in providing optimum value travel services to the travelers.

No operation however well planned can be successful with out the efficient human touch. Buddha Darshan Travels & Tours is fortunate to have some of the most talented and committed professionals in the field with an average experience of more than 15 years at senior and middle level. The personal skills are constantly upgraded through carefully selected training programs. Presence of multi-lingual staff is another added advantage. No wonder we are proud recipients of complimentary comments about our team’s efficiency and personalized services.

The secret of Buddha Darshan Travels & Tours’s success is a sincere and committed approach to tourist’s requirements, anticipating their needs are working towards providing fuller satisfaction to this effect. Thus moving ahead, Buddha Darshan Travels & Tours has continued to expand the range of services offered supporting them with the state – of – the art back up services. Its total services a complete satisfaction package.

We deliver exceptional products at a reasonable price for you, but not at the cost of environment or our social responsibilities. We maintain good relation with different hotels, resorts, lodges, and other component of services to enable friendly offers.

We take excellent care from planning your travel itinerary to delivering you services. We take care after all the details for you, so you can just relax and immerse yourself in the adventure.

We maintain good connection with the people and places of the region you visit that ensures your travels connect with the people and places you visit. Our fixed departure trips are carefully crafted to combine the must-see, world-famous highlights with hidden gems that most people never get to see.

Although we have finely maintained fixed itineraries for departures, most of our business is in tailored-made as per desiring our clients. Please don’t feel free to communicate with us to plan your trip as per your desire and according to your vacation for holiday. We will be pleased to help you plan your holiday your memorable holiday is our satisfaction.

An important component of our conscientious to unspoiled the region visited during travel period, our dedication to do right thing by the places we visit. Local people have to live there and can not disturb them and many travelers yet to come and discover it. It is our fundamental responsible to preserve it as it is now.   

We minimize the impact on the local cultures and people by advising our guests of local customs and beliefs and ensuring that our visits do not offend, for example through what we wear, how we behave and where we go.

We must have minimum number for a group trip. However we know that committing to a big trip involves a lot of preparation on your part and late cancellation due to lack of numbers for group is a major inconvenience, to say the least.

So, our departures are guaranteed for even only one pax with reasonable surcharge and single supplement for single sharing in hotel accommodation.

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