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The company BUDDHA DARSHAN TRAVELS & TOURS considers that privacy, personal and family intimacy of the USER/CLIENT of the web, have rights that are handled in a firm and serious manner. For this reason, taking into consideration the means of which we share some of our services (internet) and the security needed with these matters, a policy has been designed with regards to the necessary means and procedures to allow a higher effectiveness and rigor in its control.

The law imposes a series of obligations and establishes the personal rights with regards to protection of personal data. For the correct understanding, and in the case of exercising the corresponding rights, it is necessary that the USER/CLIENT carefully read this notice.

The company BUDDHA DARSHAN TRAVELS & TOURS reserves the right to modify the present notice in order to adapt it to new legislations and laws, as also the modifications or practices of the industry. In said circumstances it will be announced with prudent time prior to the changes in the policy of protection of personal data and when the changes take effect.

It is also important to note and take into consideration that some of the services of BUDDHA DARSHAN TRAVELS & TOURS may include in its conditions provisions and forecasts in this matter.

The only personal data that BUDDHA DARSHAN TRAVELS & TOURS will have access to will be that given voluntarily by the USER/CLIENT. It is precise that the USER/CLIENT knows that to have access to some of our services through our web page, some personal data will be requested. Amongst them there is data that is absolutely necessary to enjoy certain services and contents. In these cases and with regards to the data that the USER/CLIENT is expressly informed, if this is not provided, there will be no Access to the said services or contents.

The personal data given by the USER/CLIENT will only be subject to an automatic service and be assigned in the way and with the finality established by the USER/CLIENT with their express authorization.

To the effect, the mentioned data with be introduced into a file whose title and responsibility corresponds to the company BUDDHA DARSHAN TRAVELS & TOURS.

The finality of the received, treatment and grant of personal data facilitated by the USER/CLIENT to BUDDHA DARSHAN TRAVELS & TOURS is the development of all activity related to the corresponding web site, in particular, the management, development, administration, delivery, updates, personalization and improved services and contents of the same that the USER/CLIENT may use, the statistic study of the services and contents used as the likes and preferences of the USER/CLIENT.

As part of the above mentioned finality to the development and evolving activity of the company through the web page, information may be sent through different forms such as questionnaires, notices, etc. related to BUDDHA DARSHAN TRAVELS & TOURS, their services and contents as also the supplying companies. With regards to the forms and surveys, the forwarding of this information to the USER/CLIENT does not suppose or imply any obligation or compromise to respond to such.

Complying with the current regulations, the company BUDDHA DARSHAN TRAVELS & TOURS has adopted the means and techniques necessary to maintain the level of security required to protect the personal data that is being treated. It also has the precise methods to avoid within their limits unauthorized Access, subtractions and illicit modifications or loss of data. None the less, the USER/CLIENT must be informed and warned through this notice that none of these means are infallible or impregnable to which the company BUDDHA DARSHAN TRAVELS & TOURS will not be held responsible of said practices or consequences. The USER/CLIENT should be aware that internet is an open, global network. Resuming that if you post personal information on a public network, you may receive unwanted information from elsewhere in Exchange for your data, making this accessible. For all of the above reasons, we recommend maximum diligence on the matter and the use of all the security measures you have on hand.

The USER/CLIENT has recognized by law the right to Access, rectification, cancelation and opposition, in each case, with regards to the personal data, being able to exercise this right through a written letter to the company BUDDHA DARSHAN TRAVELS & TOURS, P. O. Box 19170, Thamel Marg, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal.

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