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Nepal at Glance

Nepal at Glance

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Nepal has its land of bio-diversity of geographical, an incomparable blend of high mountains and rich cultures. Nepal embrace the central Himalayan, 1310 magnificent peaks over 6000 meters including eight of the world’s highest 14 peaks of 8000 meters, rushing river, rolling terraced hills; lush, steamy tropics forest in south and high altitude plains reminiscent of Tibet. Capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu Valley, a fertile green bowl set in the midst of the Himalayan foothills, is an oasis of magnificent art and the home of an ancient and sophisticated culture. It’s blend of different ethnic mosaic of diversity of people.

This package tour in Nepal offers your precious holiday exploring through exceptional cultural heritages in Kathmandu, discovering through antique cities, aged old temples and elegant palaces.

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Discover medieval cities of Kathmandu.

Duration: 4 Days.

Mode of accommodation: Hotels.

Type of tour: Tour only.

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